The Results 2017!

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The awards were hosted by Jo Scott, BBC Presenter

Building capacity in communities and prevention

Award 1 The PHA award for building capacity in communities and prevention

Sponsored by the Public Health Agency


Picture: Michael Cooper

Emma Regan, Regional Clinical Specialist, Belfast HSC Trust and Lorraine Abernethy, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Northern HSC Trust

Presenter: Andrew Dougal, Chair, Public Health Agency


Direct Access Physiotherapy              

Stephen McGarrigle, Clinical Team Lead and Aveen McCraith, Professional Lead Physiotherapist, South Eastern HSC Trust

Changing Time is Chatting Time’ (CTCT) Resource Pack

Kelly Lamont, SureStart Speech and Language Therapist and Geraldine Nocher, Family Support Worker, Smile SureStart Beflast HSC Trust

 Enhancing support in primary care

 Award 2  The HSCB award for enhancing support in primary care

Sponsored by the Health and Social Care Board

Picture: Michael Cooper


Diabetes Foot Pathway April 2015-March 2017 (ongoing)

Elaine Davidson, Principle Podiatrist Diabetes and High Risk and Jane Beggs, High Risk Specialist Podiatrist, Northern HSC Trust

Presenter: Michelle Tennyson, Assistant Director, Public Health Agency


Development of Early Supported Discharge

Pauline Glenfield, Manager Community Stroke Services, South Eastern HSC Trust

Early intervention clinic for infants with suspected Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA)

Pauline Mulholland, Lead Dietitian and Rosemary Martin, Specialist Paediatric Dietitian, South Eastern HSC Trust

 Partnership working to benefit physical and mental health

Award 3 The Seating Matters award for Innovation and creativity

Sponsored by Seating Matters

Picture: Michael Cooper


The Effectiveness of Community Based Physiotherapy with Conflict-Related Persistent Pain

Francis McMonagle, Msk Specialist Physiotherapist, Belfast HCS Trust and Irene Sherry Head of Victims and Mental Health Services, Ashton Community Trust (Bridge of Hope Department).

Presenter: Martina Tierney, CEO, Seating Matters


Developing the physiotherapy provision for acute musculoskeletal injuries in the Emergency Department setting

Peter McCormick, Emergency Physiotherapy Practitioner, Western HSC Trust

Using innovative tech to assess respiratory health: Belfast Lung Clearance Index facility

Katherine O’Neill, Clinical Research Fellow and Judy Bradley, Professor in Physiotherapy, Queen’s University Belfast

Use of Telemonitoring in an Oncology setting

Cheryl Mackin, Oncology Dietitian and Michelle Toland, Telehealth & Telecare Service Manager Belfast HSC Trust

 Reforming our community and hospital services

 Award 4. The Belfast Trust Science driving Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Award

Sponsored by Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Picture: Michael Cooper


Guidelines into Practice – Implementation of a rapid one-hour pathway for assessment of patients presenting to the Emergency Department with suspected cardiac chest pain

Gareth McKeeman, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Belfast HSC Trust

Presenters: Brandan Cooper, President, Academy for Healthcare Science, and Ian Young, Chief Scientific Officer, DoH


Developing and investigating the use of a digital training package on chest radiograph image interpretation

Laura McLaughlin, PhD Candidate and Sonyia McFadden, Lecturer of Diagnostic Radiography, Ulster University

 Investing in our workforce

Award 5. The DoH award for transforming the workforce

Sponsored by the Department of Health Northern Ireland

Picture: Michael Cooper


Advanced dissection of cancer specimens by Biomedical Scientists (BMS)

Ian Clarke and Elaine Donald Magill, Advanced Biomedical Scientist Dissector, Northern HSC Trust

Presenter: Charlotte McArdle, Chief Nurse, DoH


AHP intervention in the Acute Care at Home Team

Denise Curran, Lead Occupational Therapist, and Paul Kodiyan, Physiotherapist, Southern HSC Trust

Redesiging the regional spinal orthopaedic service in Northern Ireland

Gillian Graham, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Orthopaedic Spine and Eilish Simpson, Clinical Specialist Physiotheapist Orthopaedic Spine, Belfast HSC Trust

Leadership and culture

Award 6. The HSC Leadership Centre award for Leadership and culture

Picture: Michael Cooper


Trauma Imaging reporting by radiographers

Grainne Forsythe, Radiographer and Fionnuala Finn, Reporting Radiographer, Southern HSC Trust

Presenter: Diane Taylor, Head of HSC Leadership Center


Reaching Out – an innovative partnership with community occupational therapy teams

Julia Maskery and Catherine Glover, Regional Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist, Beflast HSC Trust

Transforming Day Care: Improving Lives – Saving Money

Rhoda Baxter, Registered Manager, Pavestone Centre and Judith Beckett, Senior Support Worker, Northern HSC Trust

Sponsored by the HSC Leadership Centre


Award 7. The Macmillan award for Leadership and innovation in cancer rehabilitation

Sponsored by Macmillan Cancer Support

Picture: Michael Cooper


Physiotherapy Pre and Rehabilitation for Prostate Cancer Patients

Thamra Ayton, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist and Alison Robinson, Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist, Belfast HSC Trust


The Multi-professional AHP Breast Cancer Pre-habilitation Initiative

Jane Rankin, Cancer Centre Lead Physiotherapist and Laura Henry, Breast cancer Physiotherapist Lead, Belfast HSC Trust

Cancer Related Fatigue Workshop

Alison Craig, Macmillan Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist, Northern HSC Trust

Presenter: Paula Kealey, Senior Development Manager, Macmillan

 Award 8. Ulster University award for Leaders in the making

Sponsored by School of Health Sciences at Ulster University

Picture: Michael Cooper

Rachel Green, Belfast HSC Trust

Jessica Beacom, South Eastern HSC Trust

Jillian Windrum, Southern HSC Trust

Jamie Reynolds, Western HSC Trust

Presenter: Patricia McClure, Associate Head of School, Health Sciences, Ulster University

Award 9. Overall winner

Picture: Michael Cooper

The Effectiveness of Community Based Physiotherapy with Conflict-Related Persistent Pain

Francis McMonagle, Msk Specialist Physiotherapist, Belfast HCS Trust and Irene Sherry Head of Victims and Mental Health Services, Ashton Community Trust (Bridge of Hope Department).

Presenters: Hazel Winning, Lead AHP Officer, and Ian Young, Chief Scientific Officer, DoH