2016 Results

Thank you to all of those who entered this year’s awards.

You can download the Winners Guide here.

The awards had the following categories:

Theme: Giving every child the best start in life

Award 1 The Leckey Award for AHPs in children’s services 

Sponsored by James Leckey Design

This award, which is to be a permanent feature of this awards programme, is for allied health professionals working with children or young people (aged 0-19 years) with a physical disability in recognition of the impact of their work on the quality of life and participation of children, young people and families.

The award seeks to be comprehensive and applications are welcome from (but not limited to) applicants using innovative intervention programmes, the novel application of equipment, effective early intervention, or training and education, where these have been co-created with families, and other relevant partners.

Winner – Lisa Campbell and Kate McShane – WHSCT

Finalists– Julia Maskery and Catherine Glover – BHSCT

– Alison Mounstephen and Kathryn McCrea – BHSCT

Theme: Equipped throughout life

Award 2 The Mangar award for initiatives to encourage everyday independent living

Sponsored by Mangar

This award focuses on AHPs delivering effective services for people with long-term conditions and on initiatives to encourage healthy active lives, including projects to help people back to work and encourage life-long learning.

Winner -Karen Walls – NHSCT

Finalists– Vanessa McMinn and Wendy Murray – SHSCT

– Linda Hyde and Lorraine Ringland – SEHSCT


Theme: Empowering healthy living

Award 3 The Public Health Agency award for contributions to public health

Sponsored by the Public Health Agency

This award seeks to recognise allied health professionals who have demonstrated leadership and partnership working to achieve better health and wellbeing for everyone, especially hard-to-reach groups, and to reduce inequalities in health.

Winner -Felicity Dickson and Anita Harron – BHSCT

Finalists– Kevin Campbell and Nicola Arbuckle – NHSCT

– Michelle Toland and Pat Cusick – NHSCT

macmillan_logoTheme: Creating the conditions

 Award 4 The Macmillan award for rethinking the patient pathway  

Sponsored by Macmillan Cancer Support

This award aims to attract entries from AHPs who have embraced the bigger picture in the health and well-being agenda and led the way in rethinking services from the point of view of patients, clients and their families. New models or care must be evidence-based and be centred on the individual.  This recognises the crucial role of AHP leaders in driving forward service redesign to ensure safe, sustainable and effective quality services provided by the right people in the right place at the right time.

Winner – Janet Eagle and Helena Kinkaid – SHSCT

Finalists– Karen Canning and Judith Mitchell – SEHSCT

– Mandy Gilmore and Elizabeth O’Connor – SHSCT

Theme: Empowering the communities

Award 5 The DHSSPSNI award for new approaches to health and well-being, working with communities

Sponsored by Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety

This award recognises outcomes that have been achieved from genuine inter -professional or inter-agency working where AHPs have taken the lead to work with communities to improve health and well-being.  We are particularly interested in examples where one or more of the allied health professions and other partners have worked together to empower communities to improve their physical or mental health through, for example, sports and cultural activities.

Winner -Lorraine Coulter and Anne McKeever – SEHSCT

Finalists– Annabelle Ferguson and Philomena Cleary – WHSCT

– Ciaran McKenna and Cathy McKeown – SHSCT and NI Ambulance Service

Theme: Developing collaboration

Award 6 The Health and Social Care Board Award for inspiring the next generation of AHPs

Sponsored by the Health and Social Care Board

This award recognises and rewards people who are committed to inspiring the next generation of AHPs. We are looking for submissions from individuals, services or departments who are able to show how they are collaborating to provide the best possible educational and development opportunities for AHPs at all stages of their careers.

For example, are you providing clinical learning and development opportunities for undergraduate students or contributing to undergraduate or post graduate training programmes?                                                                                                                                                   Are you involved in collaborative education provision with other partners e.g. education, other agencies, other professional groups, service user training programmes?                                       Do you offer innovative training opportunities to colleagues, service users or students during their early career?                                                                                                                                       Do you offer internal initiatives to capture talent within your existing support workforce, students or colleagues?

Winner – Angela Crocker and Suzanne Smith – BHSCT

Finalists– Tara Davison and Julie Mullen – SHSCT

– Stacey Hetherington and Gill Hodges – BHSCT

Award 7 The Ulster University Rising Star award 

Sponsored by Ulster University

For this award we are inviting you to nominate either a colleague or member of staff who has shown a level of initiative, skill and commitment that is truly exceptional. You may nominate anyone who has been working as a qualified allied health professional for less than five years and who you and others recognise as a star in the making.

This is an open award with no rigid criteria so simply tell us his or her story. We are looking for people who stand out from the crowd and have already shown courage in meeting professional or personal challenges, displaying determination creativity intelligence and bravery, people who have continued to develop their skills and practice and are flourishing where ever they are working.

Rising Stars – Natalie Irwin – BHSCT

-Melanie Sheenan – SHSCT

-Carmel Fitzpatrick – SEHSCT

-Lisa Lafferty – NHSCT

Award 8 Overall winner

Sponsored by the HCS Leadership Centre     

The overall winner is chosen from the category winners and focuses on leadership as described in the NHS Leadership Academy’s healthcare leadership model. All category winners, except the Rising Star entrants, will be considered for the overall award. You need to bear this in mind when writing up your submissions under the leadership sections in your chosen award category.

Winner – Janet Eagle and Helena Kinkaid – SHSCT