Welcome to the 2017 Northern Ireland awards and conference for Allied Health Professionals and Healthcare Scientists.

On Wednesday 18 October we celebrated the achievements of allied health professionals and healthcare scientists in Northern Ireland with the conference and awards presentation at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast.

and the winners are:

The Seating Matters award for Innovation and creativity

Winner and Overall Winner

The Effectiveness of Community Based Physiotherapy with Conflict-Related Persistent Pain 

Francis McMonagle, MSK Specialist Physiotherapist, Belfast HCS Trust and Irene Sherry, Head of Victims and Mental Health Services, Ashton Community Trust (Bridge of Hope Department).

The PHA award for building capacity in communities and prevention 

Regional Wheelchair Skills Training for Children in Northern Ireland: Emma Regan, Regional Clinical Specialist, Belfast HSC Trust and Lorraine Abernethy, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Northern HSC Trust

The HSCB award for enhancing support in primary care

Diabetes Foot Pathway: Elaine Davidson, Principle Podiatrist, Diabetes and High Risk and Jane Beggs, High Risk Specialist Podiatrist, Northern HSC Trust

The Belfast Trust Science driving Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Award

Implementation of a rapid 1 hour pathway for patients with chest pain presenting to the Emergency Department: Gareth McKeeman, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Lesley Swaler, Juanita Collins, Nicola Johnston, Peter Shortt, Belfast HSC Trust,

The DoH award for transforming the workforce

Advanced dissection of cancer specimens by Biomedical Scientists: Ian Clarke and Elaine Donald Magill, Advanced Biomedical Scientist Dissectors and Yvonne Clark, Valerie Hinch, Northern HSC Trust

HSC Leadership award for leadership and culture

Trauma Imaging reporting by radiographers: Grainne Forsythe, Radiographer and Fionnuala Finn, Reporting Radiographer, Southern HSC Trust

The Macmillan award for Leadership and innovation in cancer rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Pre and Rehabilitation for Prostate Cancer Patients: Tharma Ayton, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist and Alison Robinson, Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist, Belfast HSC Trust


To take a look at the full short-list click here to see it.

To download the Awards brochure please click here 


“Over the past three years these awards have vividly shown the way in which AHPs in Northern Ireland are helping to transform health and social care, demonstrating real impact and setting the highest standards. Let’s make this year the best so far.’‘    

Hazel Winning, AHP Lead Officer, Department of Health NI   


“Science drives transformation of the delivery of health and social care. Healthcare scientists play a key role in generating and implementing this evidence, supporting and in many cases directly delivering patient care. These awards provide a welcome opportunity to highlight  and celebrate the major and often underappreciated contribution which healthcare scientists make across the health and social care system.”

Professor Ian Young, Chief Scientific Advisor, Department of Health NI


We had a fantastic 2016 awards and conference, with over 80 entries and 250 attendees at the conference.  To view photos from the conference and the ceremony, please click here. Download the 2016 winners guide here.